5 Amazing Facts about Content Marketing in Malaysia

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Yes it is. Don’t worry though, it’s called content marketing, and it’s here to take over Malaysia.

We’ve talked before about the particulars around what is content marketing. At its heart it’s marketing driven by building and engaging in valued conversations with an audience. When you compare that to the shouts for attention that underpin the proverbial billboard of traditional marketing, you can see why content marketing is growing in popularity.

It’s all well and good talking in abstract terms about how fantastic this opportunity is though. The reality is that if we’re going to embrace the potential of content marketing, we need to explore the facts and figures around how big the potential market is.

So feast your eyes on our amazing exploration of Malaysia’s content marketing opportunity, with these 5 amazing facts.


71% of Malaysians are now online

We talk about this digital population a lot, but it’s an important number to highlight. 22 million Malaysians are now online. That’s a 7% year on year increase. Malaysia’s digital audience is growing by the day. Great content marketing is the perfect way to engage with that audience.

The Southeast Asia region as a whole now boasts an internet population of over 339 million people. With content marketing providing access to 22 million connected Malaysians, alongside a window into the wider region, are you really happy to miss out on that opportunity?

Facebook is only the second most popular website in Malaysia

Why isn’t it first you ask? Well because search engine monster Google takes the top spot. That means that the most popular website in Malaysia is a search engine designed to curate and deliver the best (and most relevant) content on the internet, and the second most popular website is essentially a giant social media content sharing machine. That content marketing potential looking exciting to you yet?

The social reality we live in today sees an estimated 71% of Malaysians with some sort of social media account, way above the Southeast Asia’s 47% average. The average daily use of social media by Malaysian consumers is an eye-watering 3 hours 19 minutes. That’s a truly unique opportunity for great content to resonate with Malaysia’s social audience.

Malaysians spend a massive 14 hours daily on digital devices

Oh, that’s only a digital device though? It doesn’t mean they’re online. Well actually 87% of that figure relates to connected devices. How do you feel about 14 hours of opportunity for the audience to explore your fantastic content? I don’t feel too bad about it either.

It’s hard to fully quantify the depth of that opportunity, but what’s clear is that it’s huge. The longer people spend online, the more chance of content marketing reaching them. The better your content is, the greater chance that content will resonate in a way that makes your brand stand out.

Malaysia is the global leader in WhatsApp news consumption

Content marketing is constantly evolving, and what’s driving that are the consumers. WhatsApp and IM Marketing is the perfect example of this transforming landscape. A recent study shows a world-leading 51% of Malaysian news consumers use the WhatsApp platform to share and discuss news daily. Compare that to just 3% in the United States. It’s perhaps no surprise to discover that WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application in Malaysia, with 60% of Malaysian’s signed up to the service.

83% of connected Malaysians are watching online video daily

That’s right, 83% of connected Malaysians are watching online video daily. Online video essentially means creatively juicy multimedia video content. Of course the cynics might be busy explaining that away as millions of people watching the Latin delight of Despacito on repeat? Tell that to the Samsung India advert below that enjoyed 150 million views in 2017.


Content marketing is here to stay

There’s no way around the fact, content marketing is here to stay. What the intriguing insights above reveal is that the growth of content marketing isn’t driven by overly keen content marketers, it’s driven by the thirst of an increasingly content-hungry audience.

Modern Malaysia is a vibrant digital hub that is just buzzing with potential. That means if your business wants to make the most of it, content marketing is an essential key to unlocking the opportunity. We’re not here to hard sell you the benefits of beautiful content. That’s not what content marketing is about. We’re here to provide an exciting catalyst to start the discussion.

The truth is those inspirational content conversations are already taking place, the question is – are you ready to become part of it?

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