5 Best Content Marketing Examples to Inspire You

The world is awash with mesmerising marketing, but the truth is, genius still stands out. The growing opportunity of content marketing in Malaysia means that understanding that genius is increasingly important for your brand.

So with an exhilarating ocean of content out there to explore, we take you on a fascinating journey of the best content marketing to ever grace our eager eyes.

KFC: Evil masterminds of Twitter

Some marketing is clever, and some is downright genius. Whoever the mastermind behind KFC’s Twitter is, they’re clearly basking in the glow of genius.

First there was the mind blowing revelation at the end of 2017 about the individuals followed by KFC’s Twitter account.

KFC’s secret recipe? 5 herbs and 6 spices of course. This may well be the greatest slow-burn marketing in the history of humankind.

Of course genius can’t sit still, so KFC have been at it again with their hilarious attempts to trend-jack… well potentially the forthcoming apocalypse? KFC have recently attempted to start a war of words with fast food rivals McDonalds that parodies the political nuclear-hot-potato of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s fractious online relationship.

KFC’s Twitter? The evil mastermind of content marketing. It goes to show you the power of great planning, and a wickedly active imagination.

Coca-Cola: A personal touch for a global brand

Personalisation is one of the simplest ways to build engagement with your audience, but global giant Coca-Cola took that personalisation a step further by inviting individuals to enjoy a unique slice of their globally iconic soft drink. Put people’s name on a bottle or can of coke? Simple, yet powerful marketing.

The Share a Coke campaign first emerged in Australia, and since then has gone on to become a global marketing sensation for the brand in over 70 countries around the world. There’s just something wonderful about taking a product that’s so instantly recognisable and adding that unique touch of allowing consumers to personalise it with a name.

Sure, you might not have a globally iconic product on your hands, but every single one of us has the power to deliver better personalisation in our marketing.

Red Bull: Content that’s out of this world

Red Bull’s marketing is so audacious that it’s sometimes easy to forget their insane publicity stunts are just incredibly good examples of content creation.

Red Bull may be a business built around its flagship energy drink, but it’s probably more famous for the energy of its marketing. They’ve engineered basejumpers flying into a plane in mid-air, motorcyclists jumping France’s iconic Arc de Triomphe, stunt bikers flipping their way the length of a country, and all sorts of madness aside.

Their most audacious stunt however took them to the edge of space, with the record-breaking leap from 128,000 feet above the Earth’s surface by Felix Baumgartner in 2012. This dizzying spectacle saw Felix reaching speeds of over 830 mph as he plummeted towards the Earth. He survived to deliver a furious marketing example rather than tragic adrenaline-loving hubris.

Arranging a NASA-esque leap from the edge of space beyond your marketing budget? Don’t worry. What this highlights is the power of eye-catching ideas that stand you out from the crowd.

Paypal: Fresh ideas with New Money

When an organisation undergoes a big change, they need big ideas to prove what it is they stand for. So with Paypal’s New Money campaign emerging on the back of its break for independence from Ebay, there were some big questions to be answered.

Luckily New Money creates the perfect balance between throwing down the company’s big ambitions while respecting the importance of embracing their audience.  In Asia-Pacific the campaign meant promoting the benefits of ‘new money’ in the words of those people it benefits most with a series of emotive videos. The campaign won them Best Regional PR Campaign at the Marketing PR Awards 2017, showing the power of understanding your audience, alongside the importance of empowering that audience to understand your business.


Brastemp: Build in the good feelings

Brazil’s Brastemp doesn’t sell the most exciting products in the world. It is in fact the regional brand of international white-goods manufacturer Whirlpool.

Hardly a global trend setter in content you might think? All it took was a little good feeling to catapult them to content genius.

Sao Paulo is widely recognised as having the worst traffic in the world. It makes Kuala Lumpur look like a fun afternoon drive.

So in 2010, Brastemp’s Smile campaign purchased advertising time on every major radio station in the city during the early morning rush hour, encouraging gridlocked commuters to turn and smile to nearby drivers.

Just a simple idea, well executed, not only created radio content that resonated in the real world, but the positive image of a brand that would resonate in people’s memory.

It just goes to show that great content doesn’t live in isolation. It’s about the conversations we have with our audience, but also the conversations that our audience have with each other about our brand.

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