5 Simple Steps to a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is an essential tool on the route to success. As a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, Content Nation is constantly working to build effective strategies that not only reflect the goals of our clients, but map out the best route to achieve them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a global luxury brand or a delightful domestic retailer, an effective digital marketing strategy is vital in charting your route through the digital landscape. These 5 simple steps should see you on the path to victory.

Know your goals

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often we see brands charging off into the digital space without stopping to think about what they want to achieve. There are a range of different goals you can track, but broadly you can fit your ambitions into three categories:

  • Exposure – aiming to build your brand’s exposure to a wider number of people

  • Building connections – aiming to build interactions with a key audience or demographic

  • Conversion – looking to track conversions of your digital marketing into defined results

The digital landscape isn’t just about hanging out where the cool kids are. At its most fundamental your strategy is no different to your wider business interests – set out key business goals and work out a path to achieve them.

Understand your audience

Knowing your goals is one thing, but understanding your audience is the first stepping stone to achieving them. Knowing your audience isn’t just a case of simple demographics, it’s about building up a wider idea of who they are and how they might interact with your digital marketing.

You want to build an understanding of who your target audience is, what do they like? What content are they looking for? One way to explore this idea is by building fleshed out marketing personas, almost a fictionalised avatar of your ideal target.

It’s equally important to explore and understand how your audience interacts with content. What time of day are they likely to be online? What style of content are they most likely to share? What sort of content answers the questions they’re asking?

Assess your resources

Assessing your own resource commitments is key to understanding the value return of your marketing, but also in appreciating your capability to deliver on what your audience wants.

It’s notoriously tricky to track fully fledged ROI on digital marketing, so the more information you have, the better informed you are in making strategic decisions. Keep track of how much time it takes to create certain pieces of content or to build interactions with the audience.

Equally key to your strategy will be the capabilities of your own team. Sophie may be the best graphic designer in the world, but she might not be the ideal team member to deliver a fully-fledged promotional video. Understand the talent you have available and deploy it in the way that makes most sense to meet your goals.

Create great content

Strategy is the roadmap which lays out the journey to your goals. Great content is how you get there. And let’s face it, you wouldn’t ride a bicycle if you could take a Ferrari, and the same goes with your digital marketing strategy.

Content is a sweeping term we use quite broadly in this sense. It’s not just about writing a great blog post or a single video gets some awesome traction on social media. This is about building excellence into every layer of your digital presence.

Great content means building conversations that engage your audience. Hopefully with an understanding of your goals, and the work you’ve done to help define your audience, you should also have built an understanding of what content will best resonate. Then you just need to make sure you deliver something outstanding.

Monitor your success

Finally, it’s important to monitor your success. Keeping track of audience metrics and achievement of your goals can help you understand what is working with your strategy, as well as what is not. Celebrate your successes, and ensure your team are celebrated for their own achievements, but never grow complacent. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. That means appropriate oversight of your efforts should be an on-going task.

An effective digital marketing strategy is never static. It should be flexible and adaptive. Your ability to track and monitor your success provides the opportunity to react to better achieve your goals. The recent change to Facebook’s Newsfeed feature is just one example of the need for businesses to continue to monitor and adapt their strategy.

Remember that the digital space is a dynamic, exciting environment that unlocks huge opportunity for your brand. Key to delivering the most from that opportunity is crafting an appropriate strategy by which you operate. With these 5 simple steps you can build an effective route to victory.

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