About Us

You probably have questions, naturally so. How does content marketing even work? What can a marketing agency from Malaysia do for my brand? Is the moon really made of cheese?

The moon isn’t really our forte , other than pointing you to NASA, but the content marketing stuff… that’s what our fine bunch of content specialists are all about.

You see, our goal is to create content that converts for your business. That means we don’t just craft beautiful content, we craft beautiful content with purpose. We build an understanding of what your brand wants, so we can deliver business results that you need. Our campaigns are driven by experience, guided by data, and delivered with enthusiasm by a team of experts.

The Team

Let’s get on the Who’s who


Managing Director
Thinker of Deep Thoughts

Ali is backed by more than 10 years in the creative and communications field in Malaysia and now leads a team of 12 in creating content that converts. He has extensive experience leading teams to build outstanding content for clients across the globe.

Ali’s creativity in thinking and versatility in approach comes from having been brought up and educated in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India, as well having worked on a diverse portfolio of local and international brands.

When he isn’t working on client projects, you’ll find him playing golf or brewing his own gin concoctions. And drinking them too!

He is a Myers-Briggs ESTJ who enjoys Taylor Swift, occasional live music, Google (never Apple), roadtrips, gin (and more gin) and sunshine.


Digital Architect
dispeller of myths & Bad Ideas

Equipped with a degree in Political Science, Loshini started her career in the PR world, before giving up her corporate suit and 3-inch Manolos to become a location independent entrepreneur 10 years ago.

Since then, she’s worked on various businesses and start-ups across functions like digital strategy, business analytics, creative marketing, funnel optimizations, lead conversions, affiliate marketing and many more.

She’s worked in Malaysia, Australia, Canada, and Sri Lanka with clients from all over the world. She set a goal to visit 30 countries before she turned 30, and she’s most certainly visited more than 30 countries by now! She talks to the universe (but we’re not so sure it talks back). She’s a card carrying member of the Gin Gin Crew and the only one representing the double X chromosome


Business Strategist
Spreadsheet Ninja

Mohan has a background in finance and a foregrounding in personality. That why we listen when he blabs on about finance terms.

He started his career in General Electric in the Financial Management Program and was then accepted into Corporate Audit Staff, an intensive 24-month rotational program throughout Asia ,US and Europe. He spent 10 years working (slaving away) with GE whilst also managing a family run hospitality business.

He now heads all our Business Strategy and Operations.

In his free time, he loves fast cars and bikes but now juggles between that and his 1 year old son and diaper duties!


Design Strategist
Master of Mystic Arts

If an enigma and an evil genius had a baby, meet Suzy. Thankfully, she’s also a wizard of graphic design.

Suzy is like a cat. She’ll come to you if she needs anything, if not? Let her do her thing. She’s got an eye for detail and is a compulsive organiser. You’ll always wonder what she’s coming up with but always be prepared to be blown away by her exceptional designs.

Rumour in the office is she’s also got a blacklist of sloppy design and over-extensive copy… and something about poison in her desk. Tread carefully, Graphic Designer at work.


Marketing Technologist
Creator of Magical Moments

Sasha is our very own Phoebe from friends. She’s fun, high-spirited, and always entertaining. She can’t ever really give you a straight answer on what she does, not because she doesn’t know, but because it’s constantly evolving – from digital strategy and SEO to hands-on web development.

She’s always willing to try something new (except maybe when it comes to food). Right now she’s living her eat, love, travel dream by delivering outstanding work while living the life of a digital nomad.


Conversion Strategist
Keeper of Digital Dreams

Olga is a mix of compassion, curiosity and a lot of zest. Having grown up in Tunisia for 8 years, and working in Ukraine, Belgium and Kazakstan, Olga now calls Malaysia home. But her love for travels still continues.

She brings her system and processes expertise and you’ll find her managing our conversions spreadsheet with an eagle eye precision when not working on creative proposals!

She is a certified capoeira teacher who loves dancing (obviously!), superheroes, deep conversations with people and making the world a better place.


Content Writer
Sentence Engineer

Josh is a lover of words, but he’s also got enough love to share with food, travel and gin. Don’t worry, he doesn’t write while he’s drinking it. Not that we don’t encourage that sort of thing, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere after all.

Creative content writing is his game. Brilliant researcher, great with everything from technical content writing and SEO to quirky copy. We wish he’d drop some of the quirks to be honest. He’s also British. They have a weird sense of humour. We’ve kind of got used to it. Kind of.


Marc is the go-to guy when it comes to the wonderful world of websites. He has over 10 years’ experience delivering outstanding design to clients around the globe. That’s why he’s awake at such weird hours of the day.

He also has a sense of humour so wicked that we’re sometimes left wondering if he was even joking in the first place. He’s a man of mystery outside the office, like a puzzle wrapped inside a particularly well-coded HTML enigma. But that’s a web developer for ya!

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