5 Adverts that Demonstrate the Benefits of Advertising

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising can mean a lot in today’s connected landscape. The traditional view of big-bang television slots is increasingly complemented by smart digital adverts that live alongside more organic content creation.

Despite this changing landscape, the benefits of advertising remain undeniable. That’s why spending on advertising in the rapidly emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific, of which Malaysia is considered part, grew by 7.4% in the year 2016-2017.

Internet advertising has been the key emerging trend over recent years, with its share of total global ad spend increasing from 16% in 2010 to 38% in 2017. That doesn’t mean traditional media is dead. The 2017 Nielsen Consumer and Media View revealed that newspapers, TV, radio, billboards etc.. still continue to reach more than 70% of Malaysians surveyed.

With the advertising landscape in a period of rapid transformation, it’s important to work hard and ensure it remains an effective part of your sales and marketing efforts. But there are still a few certainties in this increasingly uncertain world. Here are 5 benefits of advertising, and the adverts that prove it.

Improving Brand Visibility

What’s the aim of an advert? First and foremost to make people take notice. That’s certainly what Old Spice went for with this outstanding and hilarious advert from 2010. It might seem a bit dated now, but it’s racked up 55 million views on YouTube, and spawned a range of parodies that have kept Old Spice’s brand visibility bouncing around for years.

Not every advert leads to an immediate conversion. That means a great advert has to take into account the long-term benefits of brand visibility and recognition in considering the benefits of advertising. This Old Spice advert is a decade old and still going strong, which means brand recognition continues to benefit.

Launching New Products

A great product launch is about convincing your audience that the product you offer can help tackle the challenges that they face. That’s quite a task when your product is looking to enter a market where the challenge you’re proposing to tackle isn’t perceived to exist. Just ask deodorant brand Lynx in their attempt to penetrate the Chinese market.

Market research revealed that smelling nice wasn’t viewed as a dating priority by young men in China, meaning Lynx was as much use as hissing in the wind. So what did they do? They hired fallen-from-grace actor Eddie Chen to lead an advert showcasing the alluring charm of Lynx for attracting young women. The realities of that proposition aside, the product launch and market entry saw Lynx gaining 43.3% market share in just a few months, catapulting it to the leading brand in China.

Attracting Customers

It’s not all about shouting out to the world about your great new things, sometimes the most powerful adverts are about reaching out to your customer and making them feel welcome. This advert for Nando’s Malaysia shows the warm and fuzzy that a great advert can deliver. It’s a simple, catchy and effective way of reaching out to a target audience.

Sure, Nando’s has delicious fried chicken to win the argument, but just because you’re not rolling in peri peri sauce doesn’t mean you can’t attract an audience. A great advert built around customer attraction is based on knowing your customers, understanding what motivates them, and reaching out in a sympathetic way. A B2B tech company is more likely to want to show the focused benefits of their product or solution, but the fundamental principle is the same – demonstrating what you can offer, and how you value your customer in delivering it.

Targeting an Audience

It used to be that audience targeting was primarily based on making an advert that appealed to your target demographic, but with the advent of digital marketing those days are increasingly a story of the past. Toady’s online landscape offers an unrivalled opportunity to create and market adverts directly to an identified audience.

The Slack Facebook advert above shows how simple, effective targeted social media advertising can provide a powerful conversion pathway for your online audience. The thought of reducing the number of meetings attended is a clear and immediate benefit to the professional audience, and the simple Like Page or Learn More buttons provide a streamlined customer journey to conversion.

Championing Your Brand Personality

When you’re a social media platform built on conversations, it’s probably important to establish your own unique brand voice. That’s something that adverts can offer a particularly valuable avenue to deliver. Just ask Twitter.

For their 2018 Christmas campaign, Twitter managed to combine the power of trendjacking with a unique quirk of British retail – the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert. Every year some poor guy in the USA with the unfortunate Twitter handle of @johnlewis is bombarded with compliments about his heartwarming advert. Now he gets to star in this heartwarming advert of his own, as Twitter playfully joke about his role in this uniquely British conversation.

It’s not just funny to watch, it’s a great example of how adverts can be used to champion your brand personality.

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