7 Awesome Advertising Examples and What They Teach Us


Truly great advertising has the power to move us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling the latest, greatest thing in duct tape or advertising a glorious country, delivering the right message in the right way is the goal of every marketing and advertising agency.

Success comes in many flavours when it comes to advertising – from increased brand awareness to a compelling story about the value of your product to the audience. Here are 7 awesome advertising examples and the lessons they can teach us.

Fevikwik – Todo Nahi Jodo – India

This hilarious advert for Indian superglue Fevikwik really highlights how humour can deliver a powerful message. Despite the advert being framed around what is an extremely tense political situation, it manages to convey an engaging sense of joy that also simply highlights the value of the product. It just goes to show that carefully crafted humour can help craft a great story in even the most sensitive setting.

Fibrefix – Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car off a Cliff – USA

A lot of great adverts offer a memorable experience that contribute to a positive brand awareness, but every now and again a true gem comes along that actually makes you want to immediately purchase a product. This outstanding Fibrefix advert shows you that if you deliver the right message, with the right kind of energy, that even a four minute advert for duct tape can have your audience captivated and converting into sales.

Tourism Australia – Australia

Tourism adverts so often struggle between the emotional and the downright cheesy. This Tourism Australia advert with Chris Hemsworth shows that it’s possible to stir raw emotion with some beautifully written lines, a captivating voice, and some stunning scenery. It’s a good lesson about how sometimes the product sells itself, and that keeping the advertising simple is often the best way to deliver a powerful message.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – USA

The mesmerising voice of this Old Spice actor Isaiah Mustafa could carry an advert on its own, but the true genius here isn’t so much the hilarious advert itself, but who it is targeting. Rather than going down the path of addressing the user of the product, like many advertisers might be tempted, Old Spice are wise enough to reach beyond the target audience to the target customer – women who want their men to smell better. It just goes to show, it’s not necessarily who your product is designed for, but who makes the purchasing decisions that matter.

Guinness advert – White horsesUK

Tic follows toc follows tic follows toc follows tic. This simple message echoed through the minds of audiences in the wake of this powerful Guinness advert. The advert itself barely touches on the dark nectar itself, instead creating a powerful and memorable journey that nods towards the brand with the beautifully chosen colour palate. It’s the perfect example of how brand awareness can be just as powerfully raised through a subtle but powerful message.

Carlton Draught – Big Ad – Australia

On the other hand of course, subtlety isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be – just ask an Aussie. Australians love beer, so why beat around the bush? This big advert is designed to show you just how much commitment Carlton Draught have to sending a big message about their beer. The Big Ad is not only hilarious funny with its beautifully crafted subversion of an iconic classical musical score, but it’s unashamed in what it’s trying to do – sell some bloody beer. The lesson? Sometimes it pays to just tell it like it is.

Honda Accord – The Cog – UK

Just throwing it out there – but maybe the best advert in the world ever? What a way to finish. This utterly mesmerising advert takes an outstanding idea, devastatingly delivered to create a work of truly majestic artistic genius. The story follows a line of parts from the Honda Accord, painstakingly put together in a feat of wizardry/engineering to create a chain of events that culminates in this amazing advert. The lesson here is perhaps the best of them all – don’t be afraid of the big ideas. Sometimes they result in something truly beautiful.


Iklan Trojan Perkasa – Lelaki Kotor Dalam BasMalaysia

Nostalgia bonus! Sometimes all you need is a superhero, and some hilariously over-the-top acting. This is a beautiful slice of times gone by. It’s hardly going to win any awards, but it’s certainly won our hearts.

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