Be the Right Kind of Content Creator

Be the Right Kind of Content Creator

Be the Right Kind of Content Creator

Once upon a time, there lived a friendly marketer. Every day they would rise from their bed, quickly check their Facebook, before relaxing with a delicious cup of coffee. Then, with the caffeine positively vibrating through their body, they would lean down to the keys of their typewriter, and begin their work.

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Ok yes, we’ve cut out the horrific commute through the choked up streets of MalaysianCityX. We’ve even skipped out the bit where they brush their teeth, which is not something we advocate you skipping if you ever have to meet clients. But the real horror in this story is the typewriter.

There are only two types of people who still utilise typewriters: people who are so old they remember typewriters being introduced; and an upsetting cohort of people who think typewriters are cool and edgy. Neither of these groups will be invited to marketing awards this year.

The truth is that if you want your content to stay competitive in a thriving modern marketplace, you need to understand the technology and tools to keep up. So ask yourself – are you the right kind of content creator?

Keep your content fresh with these essential tools

You might have heard of the term content shock? It’s the idea that the sheer quantity of content produced today is resulting in content consumers suffering from an overload so profound that they’ll explode. While we might have exaggerated the results for comic effect, this idea of overload isn’t a theory that’s done well in playing out. What the idea of content shock does frame is the growing challenge of creating the right type of content.

So with the huge opportunity for content marketing in Malaysia at our fingertips, let’s explore some handy tools that will help you keep your content fresh:


Buzzsumo is an online software tool that allows you to search and analyse digital content to find key competition and influencers. It’s the perfect way to understand what’s resonating in your content niche, and what kind of content is already out there and performing well.

Where Buzzsumo really comes into its own is in the sheer scope of their analysis. That’s not just helping out with individual searches looking at specific content terms, but also offering insight through their blog with wider meta-data around everything from the most shared Facebook posts to link-building metrics.

Google Trends

Looking for the latest trends and hottest stories? It’s not all down to what’s on the news. That’s so 1995. If you really want to keep up with the topics that people are concerned about right now, then Google Trends is surely the way to go. Google processes over 40,000 search queries globally every second, that’s an awful lot of data for you to break down and explore.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to wade through an ocean of confusing analytics to find what you need. Google handily allows you to break it down by country, as well as time periods and even topic categories. It’s idiot proof. Unless you’re still using a typewriter.

Let’s give Google a chance to talk you through it:


Hootsuite is a social listening tool that enables you to monitor and oversee multiple social media accounts on one simple platform. It’s easy to customise and utilise, meaning you can quickly reference how and where people are discussing your brand in the social space. That means you can create the right content to resonate with that audience.

In a world where content is increasingly expected to react quickly, Hootsuite provides a real-time analysis and social interaction platform that allows you to keep up with the pace of today’s digital landscape.

Answer the Public

Fair warning on this one – there’s a creepy gatekeeper lurking in the background. If you can get past the bearded bodyguard of knowledge, then Answer the Public offers fantastic insight into some great content creation ideas. Just type in the term you’re looking for inspiration with, then hit the search button.

This tool is based around the ‘autocomplete’ function built into Google search. That’s the handy suggestions box that autofills your queries. For example when I type in ‘where can…’ in the search box, offers the slightly strange ‘where can the siamang be found?’ as my potential question. So why is this handy? Well Google is obviously keen to answer the most common queries as quickly as possible. That means by compiling a tool which curates these autofill suggestions, Answer the Public is offering you some content inspiration that directly links to the common questions that people want answers to. That’s a handy bit of insight to deliver content that people are looking for.

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