Brand Blog Ideas And Why They Matter

Brand blog ideas for your business

Are you thinking about starting a business blog but not sure where to begin? Maybe your brand has got some exciting news to share and you’re looking for an in-house platform to celebrate your success?

When it comes to brand insight, there are few better or more accessible ways to offer it than by hosting your own blog. But there’s nothing worse than throwing a couple of stories at a wall and then leaving them there to rot. Accessing a blog only to find three stories dated August, 2013 is a serious digital turn-off for a brand audience.

So if you want to keep your blog ideas fresh and your business news flowing, here are some brand blog ideas to keep your copywriter inspired. But first up, why does it all really matter anyway?

Does my business need a blog?

It’s certainly tempting to answer this with a blanket ‘yes’, but it might be more accurate to answer ‘almost certainly’.

If you’re a mom and ice kacang vendor with virtually no online presence, then a blog is hardly likely to be the best use of your resources. If you’re an ambitious brand that really wants to connect with an online audience, then starting a blog is something you need to seriously consider.

There are huge benefits for businesses’ marketing in hosting a blog. Let’s just explore a few.

  • Blogs drive website traffic. A blog provides a platform to produce and post fresh content on a range of topics that are of interest to your target audience. Without going too far into the technical SEO details, fresh content that answers audience queries is gold star SEO joy. Companies that blog 16+ times a month get almost 5 times more traffic than those who blog 0-4 times a month.
  • It builds authority. Your car dealership might look like the real deal(ership), but if you’ve got the same prices as the guy down the road, what’s the differentiator? How about that post you made on how to check the quality of the car you’re buying, or how to get the best fuel efficiency out of a particular model of Proton? Blogs help establish leadership that can convert to business results.
  • It gives you a voice. So often companies struggle to find the right platform to communicate with their customers. What a blog does is provide a centralised platform where customers can access your communications when they want to. Meanwhile, you’ve got an arena in which you can show off just who you are as a business. When you throw in an active comments section, you’ve established a valuable communication platform with your audience.
  • Blogs build your wider audience. A blog isn’t just about the audience you engage with on your blog, it’s about building wider business opportunity. A Hubspot study showed that businesses who blog get twice as much traffic from their email marketing than those who don’t blog. Blogs also give you content opportunities that can help build conversations on other platforms such as social media.
  • They cost very little. Oh, so just a low-cost platform that helps encompass best-practice SEO, public relations, audience communications and content marketing all in one place? Doesn’t sound too bad.

How to keep blog ideas fresh for your business

Hopefully by now you can appreciate the value that a business blog can bring to your brand. It’s not all blue skies and sunshine though. Blogs do require time and resource commitments, albeit far lower than some other marketing opportunities that are out there.

When it comes to blogging, one of the biggest challenges is generating fresh content that’s relevant to your brand.  So how do you come up with fresh brand blog ideas to keep content interesting, up-to-date and engaging? Here are a few ideas to help.

Talk about what you do. This might seem obvious, but it’s not as simple as you might think. It’s important when you run a blog that you don’t just talk about what you want your audience to do, but about what you actually do as a business.

Don’t flood your blog with posts about how customers should run to buy your new product or service. Instead, make a blog that’s accessible and establishes the value of what you offer. Talk about the processes that go into creating your offering, the people who contribute to those efforts, the value of your supply chain, the day-to-day work that makes your offer a reality. Sales is certainly something that a blog should be angled to deliver, but don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper for interesting content.

Keep on top of current events. Trend-jacking is a tried and tested method for positive brand ideas. Sure, the jargon is awful, but the sentiment is correct – look for current events that resonate with your brand. If you’re the owner of a luxury wedding dress outlet, a British royal wedding is content opportunity not to be missed. If you’re a sports retailer, the World Cup is inspiration not to be ignored. You get the idea.

Speak to people in the business. This is an especially important point if your position in marketing or communications puts you in charge of a blog, but somewhat removed from the business on the ground. Take the opportunity to speak to operational employees who see a side of a business that you’re maybe less exposed to. This is the perfect chance to find blog inspiration that might otherwise pass you by.

Dare to inform. People like to be entertained, but entertainment isn’t just shiny pictures and lightning-fast memes. Don’t be afraid to educate your audience on interesting things they might not know about your business or sector. Think about writing a more detailed blog that explores the technical aspects of your industry. You’d be surprised how fascinating this can be to outsiders.

Follow industry blogs. Nobody likes a copycat, but sometimes following blogs like yours can inspire you to look at topics from a different angle. Keeping an eye on the competition means being exposed to content that heavily relates to your own. That in itself can inspire you to explore topics and tangents in interesting new ways.

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