Channelling Your Inner Advertising Agency in Marketing


Marketing is an excitingly diverse affair at times. One day you’re enjoying a three hour client meeting to discuss the product launch for the next best thing in canine dental hygiene, the next you’re strategising for a global advertising campaign that’s set to deliver multi-channel content across four continents. It’s exhilarating, when it’s not exhausting.

You see marketing isn’t just about holding wickedly witty social media conversations (which by the way, we totally nail). It’s about building on every aspect of a brand to generate, promote and ultimately sell that brand vision. That means sometimes you have to be ready to channel your inner advertising agency.

Advertising is no trifling matter. Total media ad spending in 2018 is expected to reach US$628.63 billion. That’s more than the annual GDP of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei combined. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to account for fully 33.5% of that figure, an astronomical US$210.43 billion. Definitely no trifle.

So what does that eye-watering figure mean for marketers and our clients? It means you need to be prepared to engage your advertising muse. Of course first, you need to understand where to start.

Pick the right advertising media

There is a complex and often confusion world of advertising choices for you to explore. That means your first step is to understand and pick the best advertising media for your project. When it comes down to it, that decision is informed by the same guiding principles of marketing – who is your target audience? How is it best to reach and engage them? What’s the relevant cost/benefit ratio for each option?

The range of choices are
as diverse as they are inspiring, from the often expensive but highly coveted broadcast advertising such as traditional television adverts, to the mostly maligned but potentially powerful approach of direct mail.

Some advertising formats, such as online advertising, offer increasingly impressive (read downright supernatural) ways to target that audience. With Facebook you can design and deliver an advert to everyone in your local area who likes the Harry Potter novels and also ice cream. That might sound a little creepy, but no less creepy than people who don’t like Harry Potter or ice cream.

The diverse spectrum of advertising opportunities means there’s certain to be an avenue which fits your desired goals. Just make sure you strategically assess and compare those various options before shifting into fifth gear and driving the wrong way down the expressway.

Design the right advert for the right platform

No matter what type of media you choose, focus on the right advertising design is crucial to the ultimate success of your project. That doesn’t just mean building a beautiful story to deliver your campaign message, it means that understanding of your advertising platform is guiding that design at every step.

It might be tempting to try and double down on resources you’ve committed to a previous design project, but delivering a beautifully presented design for billboard advertising will not easily translate over to a targeted social media campaign on Facebook. Aside from the practical challenges of radically different image dimensions, the physical opportunities of traditional media versus digital media should not be overlooked.

You could be forgiven for sudden panic at the thought of tweaking every image for the confusing dimensions of competing social media platforms. There are two positive pieces of news for you there. First of all – Facebook is almost certainly going to try and buy all the other social media platforms on its question to global domination. But secondly, and more importantly right now, there are a variety of websites that host super handy guides to social media image sizes to help steer your way.

Don’t be afraid to deliver differently

Advertising is about standing out. While at Content Nation we’d strongly advocate that marketing today is all about holding valuable conversations with your audience, advertising can be the metaphorical spark that can inspire that audience to seek out and initiate that interaction.

These advertising examples offer powerful stories of just how motivational great advertising can be. Don’t be afraid to explore innovative new opportunities or angles for your advertising. You’re only limited by your imagination. Oh and that advertising design image size thing. Curse you dastardly practicalities of life ruining my beautiful philosophising.

Don’t be blinded by digital

A final thought for marketing and advertising – don’t be blinded by digital. Digital platforms provide a truly astonishing tool for engaging your audience through targeted advertising opportunities, but that doesn’t mean traditional advertising is sat by the side of the road, chewing dust with its thumb out and hoping for a lift.

Nielsen’s 2015 Trust in Advertising report clearly shows that after word of mouth, advertising in newspapers remains the most trusted form of paid advertising. More than two-thirds (68%) of Malaysians trusted this format, compared to less than half (46%) who trusted paid online adverts.

These statistics aren’t here to convince you that traditional advertising is better than digital. The truth is there’s a place for both avenues when it comes to a powerful advertising message. It’s all about understanding where your audience might best be engaged, and delivering the advert that best fits with that platform.

Advertising is about being noticed. Be bold, be creative, but make sure you understand the fundamentals before you dive right in. That’s the right way to channel your inner advertising agency in your marketing.

And if still in doubt, reach out to Content Nation today for a free consultation, and let a professional agency help you navigate the world of advertising.

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