5 Times Kick-Ass Content Writing Unleashed the Power of Words


Words can be a truly powerful tool in the hands of a master. In the most fundamental terms they are the framework by which we define our existence. Regardless of your language or culture, words are the foundation of our communication and the bedrock of our societies. Phwoar, that sounds bloomin’ impressive!

The right collection of words in the right order, signed by the right people, can literally change our world. The Paris Climate Agreement is just a carefully crafted array of words, but it sets out a shared agreement to safeguard the future of our planet. That’s some powerful stuff indeed.

As a copywriter it’s important to recognise the power of words. That’s not some vain attempt at self-aggrandisement, but a recognition of the opportunity which they provide us in our work.

So in order to celebrate the fascinating impact of the language we can wield, here are 5 times that kick-ass content writing unleashed the power of words. And no, it’s not all multilateral global agreements or armistice treaties. Turns out, there’s a lot of chicken too.

Nando’s Get Chicky

Nando’s award winning and often chicky marketing has been a standout success in Malaysia for years. At its heart, the company’s marketing success is driven by cheeky copywriting that really differentiates the brand. From fun little slogans celebrating Malaysian athletes to cheeky digs at the street their headquarters are based on, it’s irreverent put notable humour that gets the brand seen.

Nando’s Malaysia argue that their copywriting helps them standout against some of the thoer global fast-food giants taking their place in Malaysia. Given they’ve extended their number of outlets in Malaysia from 43 in 2013 to 74 today, they’re clearly doing something right.

Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO

Great copy isn’t just about pure entertainment, if you can deliver outstanding engagement with education you could be onto a winner too. The Beginners Guide to SEO by Moz is an impressively comprehensive resource which takes you on an insightful tour of the weird and wonderful world of SEO. It’s not only an awesomely accessible starting point for beginners, it’s a powerful resource to check up on key elements of SEO best practice. 

With over 41,000 backlinks from over 3,000 root domains, it’s clear that the resource Moz is sharing is one that’s highlight sought after and well received. That kind of digital content recognition isn’t just gold-star SEO advice, it’s pure SEO gold in its own right.

The $213 journey of a lifetime

With the rise of digital platforms the lines between journalism and content writing are becoming increasingly blurred. That’s especially true when it comes to inspirational and aspirational lifestyle content like travel.

So forgive us this foray towards the realm of journalism in highlighting both the great story, and amazing content, of Thrillist’s This $213 Train Ride Shows You All of America’s Most Beautiful Sights. This fantastic article provides both an intriguing look at America’s most beautiful sights, but a tantalising proposition of informing the reader how to do so on a budget. It’s not only informative and aspirational, it’s about are shareworthy as content gets. The article received over 3.8 million Facebook engagements in 2017 alone. Great writing really does crave sharing.

De Beers – A Diamond is Forever

Truly historic content writing goes beyond a mere few million Facebook likes. Just ask De Beers, where one simple advertising slogan spawned a multibillion dollar industry that still grips the world.

De Beers’ 1948 ‘A diamond is forever’ slogan is now an iconic piece of popular culture. It gave birth to the modern tradition of diamond engagement rings, to the point that in many countries it would be almost impossible to find an engaged or married woman without one. Yet few people truly recognise that this tradition emerged from a wonderfully clever advertising slogan. That’s content that really influenced culture.

KFC – Apology

Let’s finish on a funny note. Humour has its own way of creating impact after all. And what is it with these famous chicken brands? This slice of genius from KFC shows that it’s sometimes it’s the lightest touch which can lead to a legend.

Having had what could cautiously be described as a monstrous PR disaster when a change in UK logistics partner saw every KFC across the country run out of chicken, KFC turned to their marketing team (and copywriter) to save the day. This beautifully not-quite-rude apology was the result.

A little tweak of a brand name and a bit of amusingly delivered but stark honesty hit just the right note for the apology. Pretty soon, nobody gave a FCK about the brief chicken shortage. Everyone was too busy giggling over the apology.

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