Do I Need A Marketing Agency?

So, full disclosure: you may well have noticed that Content Nation is a marketing agency. That means we’ve got a vested interest in the answer to this question. We’re still going to tell it how it is.

Marketing agencies can be a hugely powerful tool for businesses of any size. That doesn’t mean they’re for everyone, or that every marketing agency is a right fit for you. Working with an agency is about building a partnership to leverage their particular talents in order to build positive results for your business.

Wait a minute, that’s just tricksy marketing speak isn’t it? If you mean being able to portray the right message in a way that resonates with your audience, then sure, tricksy marketing speak ahoy.

With marketing spending expected to exceed over US$1 trillion globally in 2017, there’s a lot of people banking on the power of marketing to grow their business. The opportunity for content marketing in Malaysia alone is huge. So do you need a marketing agency, and what can they really offer for your organisation?

Modern organisations need modern marketing

This one should go without saying, but marketing isn’t an arbitrary operational expenditure, it’s a powerful opportunity to deliver significant returns on your investment. If your organisation simply doesn’t have in-house resources to deliver the benefits of marketing, then marketing agencies can be the heroes you need.

Marketing return on investment is a challenging metric to understand, and returns can vary across a range of marketing activities, that means a dedicated agency can be a huge help to navigate often tricky waters. Agencies not only understand the landscape, they know how to maximise the benefits you reap for your business.

What’s more, it’s a fast-paced and dynamic global marketplace out there. When it comes to marketing, that speed of market is even greater, as new technologies emerge and digital audiences continue to grow. That means it’s important to move quickly to keep up. Marketing agencies are dedicated to understanding and traversing that environment, so they’re perfectly positioned to utilise the right resources on the journey towards achieving your business goals.

The power of perspective

You’ve been working in your family paperclip business your entire life. You know everything there is to know about the hidden art of paperclips. That’s why you’re the perfect person for marketing your business, right? Possibly not.

Understanding your own brand story is an exceptionally powerful tool for promoting your organisation. Yet as part of that business it’s often difficult to see beyond your own knowledge and experience. Marketing is about resonating with your audience in a way that they understand. Bringing in the talents of a marketing agency presents an outside perspective that can be invaluable in delivering your message.

Not only does an agency team offer the chance to assess your marketing efforts looking in, it provides the opportunity to market outwards with a fresh perspective. A good agency will work with you to understand your story, then use their market-wide experience to help build the right marketing to deliver a message which will truly engage your audience.

Want to know what perspective can deliver? Take a look at this amazing alternative take on duct-tape advertising by an impressively creative marketing agency in the USA.

Talent that’s ready to deliver

The right agency offers the Swiss-army knife of marketing talent, unlocking a huge range of opportunity for marketing your business. Building a strong partnership with your agency means enabling access to everything from expert digital copywriters to graphic designers and videographers, providing specialist talent that can build into your marketing efforts.

Building internal talent is crucial to long-term success, but it comes with its own costs and time horizons. Marketing agencies are able to offer the right talent as and when you need it. What’s more, as agencies often employ focussed specialists, you bypass the difficulty of more generalist understanding of marketing skills that can present a hurdle for small and medium-sized businesses that lack large marketing departments.

It’s more like dating than a marriage

Some companies are afraid of commitment. That’s understandable. What a great marketing agency offers is specialist talent with a lot of flexibility. We know that every client is unique, that means as an agency we adapt to build partnerships that work for the individual needs of a business.

While hiring a new marketing employee into your business comes with certain levels of commitment, marketing agencies can offer bespoke arrangements that meet your needs today, while offering the ability to adapt to the future.

That means financially, marketing agencies can be a far better investment than direct talent hired into your business. A marketing agency doesn’t need holiday pay, benefits, and will almost certainly never call in sick. They offer a defined role, for a defined price, in a way that provides consistency for your bottom line.

Want to explore the power of a great marketing agency for your business? Get in touch with Content Nation today.

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