Everything You Wanted to Know About Copywriting Services but Were Afraid to Ask

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Great copywriting can be the difference between Anu’s Restaurant and… well, the alternative. What does that mean for you? It means making that understanding how to get the most out of copywriting services is an important part of your business.

Speaking as a copywriter, a client that is informed about the services they want to explore is a hugely positive step for the start of a good relationship. It means understanding the important elements of copywriting services that a business is looking to embrace, while also informing us as to the areas where our own experience can help guide positive business results. So let’s start at the beginning.

What do copywriting services cover?

There are a lot of words out there. So which words are exactly the ones that a copywriter can help you with? The answer is, for all intents and purposes, all of them. From advertising copy to SEO-friendly blogs, copywriting services cover the whole range of brand communications and documentation.

It’s not just outward facing content either. At Content Nation we’ve had significant experience working on business-critical internal communication documents, even down to the style guides which help provide the foundation for your brand’s communication strategy.

Different copywriters sometimes offer different skillsets. Not every technical writer has the flare to deliver quirky advertising copy for a trendy young street clothing brand. The really good ones know how to adapt. Just stare into the mirror for twenty minutes with a baseball cap on backwards while listening to some hip-hop and get yourself in the zone. This is known as method copywriting, and is completely made up.

Do I need a specialist copywriter?

A great copywriter wears two hats. It’s not just about artistic flare and grammatical knowhow, it’s also important to be able to carry out valuable and effective research. In most circumstances that means that a great client-copywriter relationship forms the foundation for great writing.

In the most technical cases it might be that you want to engage with an agency or writer that has specialist knowledge in a particular field. If you’re going to explore the biological method of action for a jellyfish sting, there’s only so far research can take you.

That being said, copywriters are highly experienced in working with experts to present their own words in an accessible and engaging manner. So talk to the team or individual who you’re thinking of working with and explore what options might be available. Chances are they’ve got the skillset to help you out, but it all starts with a conversation.

Does professional copywriting really matter?

It’s true that we’re perhaps not the most impartial authority in this regard, but we’re certainly an informed one. Let’s lay it out with statistics and you can decide for yourself.

Those are just the digital statistics, there are uncountable billboards and newspaper adverts, press releases and magazine inserts vying for the attention of your audience. In the digital world, great copywriting can be the difference between top ranking search success and the lonely shadows of page 3 results. Offline, it can make the difference between a hugely successful marketing push and a fizzle of disappointment.

Making sure you stand out means delivering in the best way possible. Just take this UK study, where 59% of respondents argued that poor grammar on a website put them off using a company. Which side of that equation do you want to be on?

How do I make sure a copywriter writes what I want?

It’s all about a great brief and a good working relationship. As a client, it’s up to you to clearly set out the goals you’re looking to achieve from engaging copywriting services, and what kind of copy you expect to see. As a copywriter, it’s our job to tease out the little details that make it important.

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for. That’s where experience comes in handy. Good copywriting services will include a discussion with you to properly understand the targets of your project, the brand voice, and help define and clarify what you’re looking to get out of it.

What if you don’t like what’s written?

Most copywriting services will come with the chance to edit what is written. It’s not a one-off-all-or-nothing opportunity. If you feel that the language isn’t quite right, or a particular paragraph needs to be reworked, you can ask for a rewrite.

It’s worth nothing that while edits and adjustments are commonplace, asking for a complete rewrite and change of direction may be treated like a new project, depending on the terms and conditions of your agreement. It’s always important to start with that communication up front to ensure you’re setting out on the right path to start.

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