5 Branding Fails To Avoid When Designing A Logo

Logo design and branding is an essential part of any business journey. It’s also essential that you do your best to get it right. If you’re a logo maker, don’t fall down the terrifying design rabbit hole of mistakes that are highlighted above. Know your colours, know your goals, make sure you’re design is aligned… and finish it off by checking you haven’t made a sexy logo faux pas.

We’ve all been there. It’s a long day in the office, you’re working hard to deliver something fantastic for a client… when suddenly you realise your beautifully designed new client branding has somehow morphed into the McDonalds logo mating with a chicken.

It’s a tough world of beautiful design out there. We understand, we’re a design agency too. You not only have to create something exceptional, you need to ensure it’s exceptionally unique.

When you achieve the dream, logos form an iconic and lasting impression of a brand that can live through the ages. Some designers even have the guts to go the extra mile and craft clever logos with cunningly hidden secret messages or added layers of a brand story. Some logo makers though… well they have a tougher time. Let’s explore 5 logo maker fails that really stand out.

Hersheys get stinky

Selling chocolate isn’t a tough game. You make something delicious, and people buy it because it’s chocolate. So when it comes to a logo, all you really need to do is keep it simple and represent the brand. What you definitely don’t want to do is make your product look like an altogether smellier and far less pleasant snack.

What’s the lesson here? Make sure you’ve had a good, hard look at what your logo might represent. Be sure to get an outside opinion if possible too. Your design team already know what they think it should look like, which makes it a lot harder to work out what a third party might see.

London 2012 loses its numbers

The Olympics are a chance to showcase all that is bright and wonderful about the host venue… and it all starts with the logo design! Unfortunately for London 2012, it didn’t start well.

We get what it’s supposed to look like, we really do. It’s 2012. They’re numbers. Numbers should be simple? The reality of the delivery means all we can really see is a little kid sitting at a computer. Maybe they’re busy writing a letter of complaint to the logo maker?

Hilton Worldwide miss the centre

Got a globally recognised luxury hospitality brand? Awesome. Know what would you should probably get to go along with that? A logo that lines up correctly!

Luxury is supposedly all about that special touch. Well this is certainly quite a special touch from Hilton Worldwide. At a glance it might not look as bad as some of the fails above, but the more attention you give it the more you want to dig out your eyes with a spoon in an impotent rage. Yes, we’re passionate about good design here. 

Kudawara Pharmacy are too naïve 

Image result for kudawara

It’s important to remember, people do sometimes have a wicked imagination. So if you’re designing a logo for your respected pharmacy brand, it’s probably best to make sure the most creatively mischievous person in the office gets a few hours trying to think of how the general public might find it rude.

Poor Kudawara Pharmacy in Japan clearly have a lovely, sweet design team who couldn’t possibly imagine what everyone was sniggering about when they saw their logo. Maybe they were going for an iconic and risky sexy innuendo? I doubt it though.

Kraft Foods get colourful

We get it, colours can be eye-catching. The problem is, they can also be an eye-sore if you don’t balance them correctly. US food giant Kraft Foods offer a prime example of why you want to make sure you’ve got your palette balanced as the foundation to a good logo. More colour does not always equal better.

Alongside the potential branding fail of confused company colours, this logo somehow even manages to confuse the brand name! Kraft Foods should be capitalised surely? Maybe by leaving it as kraft foods they thought lowercase letters would make the brand more accessible? It’s a mystery. A hideous, colour-laden mystery.

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