General Electric

General Electric (GE) are a globally recognised and internationally respected Fortune 500 company, with over 300,000 employees in over 130 countries throughout the world.


GE are a multinational with over 100 years’ experience delivering industrial solutions in Southeast Asia. They were seeking to partner with an agency that could help create a wide range of content across complex and varied industry topics in order to build thought leadership and complement growth in local markets.


We produced detailed research-driven content from infographics and videos to complex industry analysis across the broad spectrum of GE industries. Technical articles to support key industries of power, aviation, healthcare alongside broader industry topics. Working closely with the client we produced often complex content with challenging timelines to support key business needs.


Through engagement on the GE Reports blog platform we were able to provide key audience engagement and organistaional insight. Outstanding content garnered thousands of unique page views, and were widely shared across other digital platforms, both regional and international. High-profile content utilised on national and regional media both online and in print.

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