The Not-So-Serious Guide to Life at a Creative Agency in Malaysia

Life at a creative agency in Malaysia

Are you creative? Do you have a love of fresh new ideas that work to craft unique and glorious narratives? Then life at a creative agency in Malaysia might just be for you! But before you rush out to buy yourself a new set of crayons and a subscription to Creative Agencies Weekly, it’s important you understand the reality. That reality is something we’re equally keen for clients to understand too.

It’s a wonderful world we work in, but it’s not all high-fives, beanbags and butterfly designs. Channelling your creativity into the productivity and high-quality standards of an agency can be tough.

How tough you ask? Well in no particular order, here’s a wonderful exploration of the pros and cons when it comes to life in a creative agency.

Pro – Creativity for Life

Creative agencies are founded on *drum roll* – creativity. Sure, you’ll often be working to a specific brief or following client direction, but within that scope you’ve got an exciting opportunity to conceive, create and craft some truly wonderful ideas.

Your client wants ‘something’ to help bolster a new product campaign? How about some wonderful infographic design to brighten up their campaign. Looking for a new brand direction? Why not start it off with some eye-catching graphic design. Trying to deliver a devilish dose of awesome to announce the opening of your trendy new brand outlet? Dabble with some awesome guerrilla marketing. It’s creativity for life. And you get paid for it.

Con – Creativity has Deadlines

Creative agencies aren’t incubators for bright and wonderful creative ideas that emerge and develop at your own pace. We have to work to deadlines. That means working hard, and often working under pressure to deliver something outstanding in a set timeframe.

Surely creativity is stifled under the heel of this corporate tyranny? Well it certainly makes for more of a challenge at times. We’re always working to ensure we deliver creative marketing ideas that fit the needs of our clients. It’s about adaptability and creativity. It’s also about some damn hard work to meet deadlines.

Pro – Thrill a Hungry Audience

Malaysia is a thriving home to both creative content crafters and crafty content consumers. The nations content consumption habits are something to behold. According to TNS, 82% of us watch online video content daily. More than 80% of us are exposed to TV and Outdoor advertising weekly. Some estimates suggest Malaysians spend a whopping 14 hours a day on digital media. That’s a huge opportunity for you to showcase your creative talent.

Con – You Have to Strive to Standout

The content world is heavily populated, meaning audience attention is a resource that’s sometimes hard to engage. There are near on 2 billion websites in existence today. The average time spent reading an email is 11 seconds. More than half of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. In this landscape, you need to work hard to ensure your creativity will stand out.

Pro – Learn New Skills

Creative agencies attract a diverse group of skills and talent, but by the very nature of their creativity they’re often those open to exploring new avenues in developing creative skillsets. Due to the nature of our work, there’s always scope to dabble in delightful new mediums or content styles. Graphic design your profession? You’ll be well-versed in video marketing before you can say 40,000 hits on YouTube.

Con – Failure is Public

This could rightly be classified as both a pro and a con. When you’re a creative working on your own projects you have far more freedom to rip it up and start again. Sometimes that just doesn’t work for projects in an agency. Working to demanding deadlines also demands a high level of attention to detail in what you deliver. That means failure can be very public, but it also inspires you to work to the best of your abilities at all times.

Pro – Coffee

It’s actively encouraged! The more coffee you drink, the greater your creativity. As the jitters set in, your muscles start to twitch and you’re going half-blind from the caffeine rushing through your blood, that’s when the magic happens.

Con – Coffee

See above.

Pro – It’s a People Industry

Creative agencies tend to offer fun and exciting working environments that encourage positive working relationships. It’s not just within your agency that those sentiments are encouraged. Creative agencies are highly likely to operate on an interactive marketing model, meaning customers and audience conversations are at the heart of the content they produce. That means positive relationships within your work to build positive relationships with wider brand audiences.

Con – Creative Focus

Sometimes creatives just don’t want to talk. They’re busy, and their kind of busy requires pinpoint accuracy layered with oodles of creative magic. Do not poke the bear. The bear gets angry. The bear will almost certainly engage you in spirited conversation that makes you feel welcome when they’re not so busy working to a deadline.

Pro – It’s Flexible Working at its Best

Creativity does not thrive inside a cage! Apart from those pre-determined deadlines we discussed above of course. But the truth is that a great creative agency is likely to provide a flexible working pattern that helps encourage creativity. At Content Nation we’ve currently got creative talent spread over four countries and two continents. That’s some global creativity to deliver outstanding content.

Con – Flexible Goes Both Ways

Do you like dinner? I bet you eat it every day? Well be prepared to sacrifice it on occasion. Sometimes deadlines really do run tight, and that means you have to be flexible in return to ensure you meet the needs of the agency.

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