5 Awesome Inspirations for Web Design in Malaysia

There’s no prize for being boring. If there was, you surely wouldn’t want to be front of the queue for an application? Boring is forgettable. That means boring is the enemy of a fantastic website.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a strong argument for getting the basics right. You want a website that fulfils the audience’s needs and desires following as smooth a journey as possible. That part is just common sense. But with over a billion websites out there in the strange world of the internet, you need to do a little more to stand out. That means the best websites don’t just get the basics right, they deliver something exceptional in another area. That’s what a design agency is all about.

We’ve dredged the furthest corners of the web, diving deep to explore the billion websites on offer, in orders to stir up some inspiration and get those creative juices flowing. No, we didn’t check them all, but yes, we did curate an awesome list of online delights to help inspire web design in Malaysia.

Species in Pieces

Species in Pieces offers eye-catching design as part of a CSS-interactive exhibit designed to highlight the fragile existence of 30 interesting and endangered animals. The stunning imagery presents an amazing vehicle to convey the stories of these wonderful species. This is outstanding design with a powerful message.

By combining creative and beautifully rendered design alongside the fascinating background of these species, Species in Pieces aims to inform and educated about the threats to the survival of these wonderful animals. It is at once gorgeous, easy to use, and in support of a hugely important topic.

Paper Planes

Paper Planes combines sleek and beautifully imagined design with a simple concept – utilising the connected power of the internet to create digital paper planes that you throw and catch around the world.

This innovative concept takes the pleasure of a childhood past time and converts it into a globally shared experience through the medium of a beautiful mobile-led website. In terms of functionality there’s potentially no real reason why this website exists other than to get people around the world playing with digital paper aeroplanes. It just goes to show that fantastic design can provide a reason in itself for people to interact with a website.

Inside Abbey Road by Google

If you’re building your website as an experience, you don’t have to look any further than Inside Abbey Road by Google to see how awe-inspiring and immersive a lovingly created website can be. This is multimedia delight that really sweeps you away to the joy of another place.

Inside Abbey Road takes you on a multimedia journey through this iconic and world-famous recording studio, blending visual, audio and multimedia experiences to create a website that transports you into the fantastic world of Abbey Road. You can explore the recording studio where The Beatles recorded their first ground-breaking album, dive into the history of Abbey Road and its contributions to soundtracks for movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars, and even take to the mixing deck yourself to try out your own sound engineering skills.

Simply Chocolate

They’re selling chocolate, so this Danish confectionery company are already onto a winning recipe in most eyes. Simply Chocolate go further to offer a delightfully delicious example of how e-commerce websites don’t have to just be functional to deliver something outstanding.

Simply Chocolate’s fantastic website provides a parallax style design that takes you through a mouth-watering journey of their chocolate offerings, scrolling through the products in changing backgrounds that represent the flavours and ingredients of their chocolate bar range. When you click on the individual products the bar is unwrapped, taking you to the product page for that particular chocolate delight. Beautiful design, and now I really want some chocolate.


Finally to a website that combines simple visual design with powerful content. QZ.com is a global digital-based news publication that delivers fascinating stories, informative content and a sleek, powerful design to make exploring their stories as simple as possible.

The eye-catching top-fold story demands your attention as soon as you arrive on their homepage, scrolling down to most recent stories where big, bold headlines and commanding visuals help draw readers in. What QZ represents is a well-represented evolution of how we consume content on the net. Not only are stories broken by images and photography, the scroll down feature within the article pages themselves blend one story into the next to provide a seamless and easily consumed content experience.

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