Let a Design Agency Unleash Your Brand Story

The most valuable thing your brand owns isn’t your inventory. It’s not the talent, rich and diverse as we’re sure it is. It isn’t even your real estate, not even you big guy, with your one-third stake in Petronas Towers. The most valuable asset you own as a business is your brand story.

We’re not talking wistful fairy tales that you’d tell your children at bed time here. A brand story is the glue that holds everything together. A powerful brand story represents the full depth of your organisation, everything from your market reputation and customer trust to the ultimate quality and value of your products.

A brand story isn’t just what you tell people about yourself, this is what people say about you behind your back. This is reputation on steroids, and it needs to look good.

How a design agency can support your brand story

Brand stories are built and lost in every action your business undertakes. Fail to deliver an order on time? Create an advert with sloppy imagery or incomprehensible copy? It’s like chipping away at the foundations of your business. And it takes a whole lot longer to build those foundations up than it does to crash them down.

Now they say you can’t trust a book by its cover, but let’s face it, you’re still going to be drawn to that shiny golden tome with the beautiful typography. The good news is we’ve got an outstanding history of inspiring graphic design in KL. That means there are some truly exceptional examples of how a design agency can play a part in telling the right brand story. Here are three key areas where they can help provide the visual delivery that empowers your business.

Painting the Right Brand Picture

That book with a shiny cover? That’s what you’re aiming for. Consistent, high-quality visual delivery means paying attention to everything from a defined brand colour palate to ensuring an eye-catching logo design.

Visuals play a powerful part of your story. It’s important not just to write them off as the icing on your lovely brand cake. Take your logo for example, a great logo maker isn’t just designing a functional stamp like you’d get on your passport. A logo is about building a symbol of your brand that resonates with your audience, creating an instantly recognisable slice of your brand story. It’s rumoured that petrochemical giant BP paid over US$200 million for their logo redesign and rebrand. That’s a lot of confidence in the power of a visual story.

A great logo doesn’t have to cost you millions though. There are some iconic brands with logos that cost a great deal less. The famous Nike ‘swish’ is said to have cost just $35, and the powerful Coca-Cola brand logo is thought to have nothing at all. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the power of a successful logo. Just ask someone with a beautifully simple but globally iconic brand logo like McDonalds. They’re loving it.

Building a Beautiful Brand Online

A modern brand story doesn’t just exist in a physical world, it needs to live and breathe in the digital landscape. Take a look at the retail space as an example. More than two-thirds of global shoppers research a brand online to inform their purchasing decision. It’s clear that in our increasingly connected world your digital presence is a vital part of your brand story.

Building a digital window for your business that supports your powerful brand story means employing sleek web design that puts the audience first. The right design agency can help you craft an outstanding online presence that empowers your brand story, not undermines it.

It’s not all about looking good though. That’s an essential part of an online presence, but any design agency worth their salt should also be telling you that consistent visual delivery must always go hand-in-hand with a positive user experience.

Delivering your Digital Story

A great design agency won’t just deliver a static image of your brand story. This isn’t a shiny dust cover to your business aspirations. A design agency that really adds value does so by helping support and amplify that story.

There are a range of ways you can work your visual presence into content that resonates more widely. Outstanding newsletter design is one powerful tool you can use, but there are many others. Explore entertaining content like infographics or design-driven news stories. Another opportunity is engaging the increasingly enthusiastic audience for intriguing data-driven content that allows you to explore your brand story complemented by fantastic design.

Whichever route you choose, you’re competing in a crowded digital world. Exceptional design can be the difference between a brand story that gets noticed, and one that sinks without a trace.

Embrace the power of your brand story

A brand story is the most valuable thing you own. That means it’s up to you to truly own it. A design agency can be a hugely valuable partner in helping guide and amplify that message, but it’s up to you as a business to recognise the importance of doing so.

Take your brand story, build it, make it something powerful. And if you want to enjoy the benefits of making it beautiful? Find the right agency to help dress you for the world.

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