Logo Design is the Heart of Your Brand Identity

What is the heart of your brand? Is it the people, the place, the history? In many ways the beating heart of your brand should be all those things we’ve just listed.

The truth is that a brand story goes beyond the team behind your success or the history of your business growth. Your brand story is everything that got your organisation to where it is right now, and everything that it encompasses today. What’s the most iconic symbol of that story however? In our extensive experience as a design agency, we’d argue it’s almost certainly your logo design.

Is logo design really that important?

A logo is like the national flag for your company. It is the iconic visual representation of a brand story that is designed to stir emotion and recognition with your audience.

If you think about how passionate a nation can be in rising to honour their flag, that’s the emotional journey you want to be conveying with your company logo. When done properly, it’s truly amazing how globally iconic a brand logo can become.

It’s even more astonishing when you compare global recognition of some of the world’s most iconic logos with something as profoundly important as a national flag itself. I wonder how many people would be able to correctly pick out the flag of the Netherlands? But I bet if you sketched out the logo of iconic Dutch oil and gas company Shell, there would be instant brand recognition.

Keep it simple with our logo design tips

A logo needs to both represents the reality of your brand, but also offers a recognisable image that reflects and resonates with your story.

  • Engage your imaginationsketch out some initial ideas that explore the physical feel of the image. Don’t be afraid to try something new or explore interesting creative ideas.
  • Use colour wiselyensure you’re picking a colour palate that reflects your brand. Don’t go crazy on some rainbow parade of madness. Keep it sleek and focused.
  • Words mattera brand logo isn’t just about the imagery, it’s often about the words that go with it. Keep it short and simple, don’t go for some insane typography, make it readable and reflect your brand image.
  • Keep an eye on the competitionthere’s no point delivering an iconic brand logo design that ends up mirroring the design of key competitor(s) in the market. That’s the kind of madness that means nobody can work out the difference between Luxembourg and the Netherlands when it comes to their flag.
  • Don’t forget digital it’s not all about the shop frontage these days, remember your design needs to be flexible enough to excel on digital platforms.
  • Proportion is essentialnobody wants to see a wonky logo. Make sure your words and image align, and that the image itself is in the proportion you want it to be. Nobody wants a wonky apple.

When logo design works, it really works

It’s all well and good talking about outstanding logo design, but all the proof you need is in the proverbial logo pudding. Let’s explore some iconic logos.

It’s just a yellow M. What else is it? Probably the most iconic brand logo in the world. It’s certainly a contender. Keep it simple, and make it resonate.

Got an iconic and internationally loved character with an instantly recognisable profile? Stick it in your logo! Again Disney win the day with something simple but emotional with wide market appeal with their Mickey Mouse logo. Given that licensed merchandise, of which Mickey Mouse is a huge part, are worth over US$40 billion… you can really see the value of an iconic logo design.

The Apple logo offers a fantastic representation of a logo that can both evolve while staying true to its roots. It’s had various iterations over the years, but at its core (boom, apple joke!) is the simple and instantly recognisable image of the apple with a bite out of it.

Bonus apple fact: there is a much quoted myth that the bite out of the apple was inspired by the death of Alan Turing, considered by many the father of modern computing, who committed suicide using a poisoned apple. Sadly the designer of the logo put that rather beautiful but unfortunately untrue myth to rest. However, it just goes to show a great logo design lives on beyond its own story.

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