Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

MDEC is a government-owned institution with a mandate to help promote Malaysia’s growing digital economy and position the nation as an emerging digital hub.


MDEC were looking to partner with an agency that could support continued growth in successful Malaysian companies by promoting excellence in brand storytelling.


Content Nation is an agency with a strong focus on the power of storytelling. In order to support these emerging companies, we planned and hosted an informative development workshop advocating the power of brand storytelling. With selected CEOs in attendance, we explored the value of storytelling through global success stories, looking at how different facets of a story can help support essential business goals through communications to key stakeholders, and what that can mean for a brand.


Content Nation’s workshop offered a vital lesson on the importance of brand storytelling to Malaysia’s emerging companies. We provided and outlined potential templates for continued internal promotion, planting a positive seed for on-going brand growth that continued beyond the event itself.

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