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Well, this is a bit awkward. At Content Nation we sort of hate talking about ourselves. We’d much rather talk about how we work with our clients to help build their brand audience. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that choosing a digital marketing agency in Malaysia can be tough.

It’s not that there aren’t any good choices out there, it’s that there are a lot of talented agencies delivering great work. We salute our peers, even while secretly conspiring to build more sensational digital marketing campaigns than they could ever imagine.
Our clients have made it clear though, it’s important for them to understand what we bring to the table, in order for them to decide whether to set that table and invite us over for dinner. Here are 5 reasons why Content Nation could be the digital marketing agency for you.

We understand the digital landscape

Malaysia’s digital marketing landscape is rapidly evolving. The number of internet users has doubled in just over a decade, providing an audience today of over 22 million eager digital residents. You might wake up aiming to get some quick social media marketing done, only to find yourself ‘gramming #hashtags until the sun sets. In a landscape that’s in a constant state of flux, you need people with the expertise to keep up.

We have extensive experience working online to not only understand Malaysia’s digital audience, but to understand how to negotiate that landscape in the best way possible to achieve your business goals.

We unlock your inbound marketing

Traditional marketing is about shouting about what you’ve got until someone takes notice. Inbound online marketing is about taking your unique brand story and starting conversations that resonate with your audience.
Today’s digital audience is one ripe for properly executed inbound marketing strategy.

What’s more, the modern audience is one that both expects and respects this engaging and informative style of marketing. Content Nation knows how to build conversations across a wide range of B2B and B2C channels that ensure people sit up and take notice of your brand.

We know Kung Fu

Well, not actual Kung Fu. The term ‘Kung Fu’ is literally translated into ‘discipline or skill achieved through hard work’. It’s always nice to support an argument with an interesting conversation though, that’s what inbound is all about.

So, alright, we don’t know Kung Fu, but we do have a significant amount of discipline and skill achieved through long hours of hard work. That’s experience in everything from creative design through to exquisite digital delivery. Engaging Content Nation as a digital marketing agency means access to a diverse set of talent across a wide range of disciplines. That’s not always easy to rapidly deliver in-house.

We craft content designed for the digital domain

Surely content is content no matter where it sits? Sadly that’s not the case. Extensive studies show how people consume content varies by platform, style, location and even time of day.

We’re always working to keep our knowledge fresh, tracking trends and evolving our own understanding to present content in the optimal format for the digital environment.

We employ the latest in digital opportunities, from gorgeous video content to the shiny delight of VR marketing. Our digital content creation is guided by search engine optimisation (SEO) best-practice, conversion optimisation and analytics to give it the best possible chance to flourish online.

Think of it like this – some people know how to fish, but some people know how to fish, where the fish are, what their favourite bait might be, and what time of day you’re most likely to catch the species you’re after. We don’t just cast a line into the water, we know how to land a catch. No ifs, no halibuts, just superbly designed digital content. And sometimes puns.

We work with you

Digital marketing is a participation event. It’s not about us assuming we know what you want and then running off to deliver it like excited school kids. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand both your brand story, and your business goals. Once we’ve got a handle on your aspirations we’ll work to craft content that supports them.

Our style of digital marketing isn’t just a one off-event. Just as the landscape is evolving, so too does the content we deliver to adapt to feedback from both our clients, and their audience. This is an environment where the ability to react quickly is key to continued success, ensuring we continue to work towards your own evolving business goals.

So what are you waiting for?

Sure, we stretched the truth a bit about that Kung Fu thing. But when it comes down to it, we’re an enthusiastic and experienced bunch that are always delighted to explore new partnerships.

Found this article interesting? Drop us a line and tell us what you’re looking for so we can help you level up your marketing and get more customers.

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