Quick-Fire Stats for Digital Marketing in Malaysia in 2018

Roll Up, Roll Up! Or… maybe Log On! Log On!? It’s all a bit complicated how quickly things are changing in our connected modern Malaysia. Don’t worry, Content Nation is here to throw you a digital lifeline.

Thanks to We Are Social and Hootsuite’s Southeast Asia Digital in 2018 Report, we’re able to answer some key questions to help inform your digital marketing. Just how many internet users are there in Malaysia today? How many people shop online? Is everyone on Facebook or is it just my mum? Why does she keep liking everything I post? We probably can’t answer that last one.

Let’s not get stuck on what we can’t do, let’s get stuck into what we can! We’ll keep it short, sharp and funny, like a pin in a whoopee cushion. Here’s our fast and fantastic statistical summary of digital marketing for Malaysia in 2018.

There are 4 billion people online globally

No wonder you can’t get people to come out for dinner on a Friday night, everyone is busy on the internet. That’s right, the global internet population sits at just over 4 billion people. That’s 53% of the world’s population.

There are 248 million more people online in 2018

Digital debutants this year account for 248 million of that 4 billion figure. That’s a 7% rise year-on-year. Nice work internet.

There are 25 million Malaysians online

We really do like the internet in Malaysia! Over 79% of the population now enjoy internet access. Not bad team, not bad at all.

There are 3 million more Malaysians online in 2018

The Malaysian internet population increased by 3 million this year, up 14% from 2017. As a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, these are the kind of numbers that make us warm and fuzzy inside.

There are almost 3.2 billion active social media users globally

That means 42% of the world’s population are actively using social media. I guess the big question is – where are the other 800 million internet users sharing photos of their awesome lunch?

24 million Malaysians use social media

One of them is your mum. She will never stop liking your photos. That’s what social media privacy settings are for.

We will spend a billion years online in 2018

Not us personally, we’ve got stuff to do. However, if you combine the total average time spent online with the worldwide digital population, you get a billion years online. Imagine if we all spent that time dedicated to the advancement of humanity? We won’t. I’m just saying.

Only 58% of Southeast Asia is online

Not everyone is keeping up with the pace. Really though, when you look at that billion years statistic, you think maybe it might not be a bad thing. I feel like I’ve betrayed the Ancient Order of Digital Marketers by even joking about that. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow… will someone pop round and feed my cat?

We spend more time online globally on mobile devices

The dawn of the mobile era is here! Wait, no, that was ages ago. The numbers are in though, and mobile devices now account for 53% of total web traffic, up from just over 16% in 2012. In Malaysia that figure stretches up to a 57% share.

Malaysia’s average internet speed is a (somewhat) lame 22.2MBPS

It’s not totally lame, more like a horse that’s had a nasty cold recently and can’t quite keep up with the pack. Average speed for fixed internet connections in Malaysia sits at 22.2 megabits per second(MBPS). That’s a little over half the global average of 40.7MBPS.

Malaysia’s mobile internet speed isn’t quite as lame

Malaysia’s average mobile internet speed is 16MBPS. That’s not quite so far off the pace, with global averages sitting at 21.3MBPS.

Malaysians are optimistic about the digital landscape

It turns out we’re broadly positive about the digital landscape, with 61% of us believing new technologies offer more opportunities than risks.

We do not like adverts

Just because we’re optimistic, doesn’t mean we’re stupid about it. 45% of Malaysians use ad-blocker software.

We like to buy things online

Stuff is great! Buying it online? That’s great too! Over 59% of Malaysian’s have purchased something online within a month of the most recent survey.

Money on my mobile? That’s great too!

Mobile banking is like banking… on a mobile. Ok, no big reveal there. Still, 47% of Malaysians currently access banking services by mobile.

Malaysians spend 8 hours 27 minutes online daily

Part of me wants to say ‘go take a break’, but the other part of me is remembering that threatening email I got from the Ancient Order of Digital Marketers. However you look at it, 8 hours 27 minutes online is a long time. Digital marketing potential in Malaysia? Box ticked.

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