ReInAct (Refugee Innovations in Action)

ReInAct is a not for profit organisation that seeks to provide financial catalysts to improve the lives of Malaysia’s refugee population.


Driven by the collaboration between two prominent social organisations, Payong and UNHCR, ReInAct aims to engage a diverse range of stakeholders to ideate and deliver unique solutions that empower Malaysia’s refugee population.

ReInAct required a brand identity that would help them stand out, highlighting their innovative approach and clearly stating the organisation’s ambitions to empower positive, sustainable change.


Content Nation worked closely with the client to understand the unique proposition which formed the foundation of the brand image. Taking that understanding of the organisation’s identity, we built the framework for a powerful brand identity supported by multiple dimensions, from eye-catching logo through to a captivating brand story. This solution provided a visual identity framed by a core brand story, supported by a comprehensive exploration of the applications in practice.


The ReInAct logo now forms a core part of the organisation’s vision, a bright, visually-powerful story of the potential of the organisation to up-lift refugee’s lives. The brand has a core identity that is easily referenced and provides consistency across all channels, while the organisation’s story is now clearly conveyed through every communication and interaction they undertake.

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