Sarawak State Government

Sarawak State Government is the body with oversight for the state of Sarawak, one of Malaysia’s thirteen state bodies, and responsible for over 2.5 million Malaysian citizens.


Sarawak State Government are responsible for governance of a large population spread over a geographically complex area. Key to citizen engagement is its use of social media platforms. Sarawak State Government were looking to explore methods to streamline those communication channels to provide consistent tone and reliability of engagement.


Content Nation assessed the complex requirements of the state body, building an understanding of their communication needs. We went on to create a comprehensive digital strategy guide which offered consistent guidance on digital platforms, which to use, how to use, and detailed case-by-case guides for wide ranging scenarios.


Our digital strategy guide has enabled Sarawak State Government to streamline its communication platforms, providing better and more consistent engagement with its citizens. This not only improves citizen communications but delivers greater transparency while reducing the potential for operational risks.

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