5 Superheroes Powering Every Marketing Company in Malaysia

Every Marketing Company in Malaysia Has Superheroes

Superman? Old news. Wolverine? His claws are rusty. Spiderman? Don’t even get us started on Spiderman. Malaysia’s sales and marketing landscape is far too challenging for these superseded superhero glory-hunters. You need something tougher.

So it is that when the bat-signal lights up the sky, the urgent emails start to ping like alien laser bolts from the CGI heavens, that’s when the real superheroes emerge. Every marketing company in Malaysia is home to its own unique set of super-powered champions, and this is what they look like.

The Graphic Designer

Codename – Design Wizard

Unique Abilities – Magical Visualisations, Mesmerising Imagery, Visual Accuracy

The Graphic Designer, codename Design Wizard, is the foundation of your marketing company’s visual projects. Nobody is sure where they came from, but whenever visual danger calls – they are there. Reliable, respected, cunningly creative.

The Graphic Designer has a seemingly magical ability to visualise any content, creating mesmerising imagery with a supernatural accuracy. Their iron will and desire to deliver perfection means they battle late nights and early starts to create the most outstanding visual design. They are tireless in their quest for continued graphical excellence, delivering breathtaking beauty to clients around the globe.

Slow to anger, but virtually unstoppable once a project has been launched.

Client benefits: The Design Wizard means your brand visuals benefit from excellence at every stage of your journey. There is no visual they cannot tackle, from luxurious product packaging to eye-catching billboard design. Designed to impress. Delivered with style.

The Digital Specialist

Codename – Dr. Digital

Unique Abilities – Command of Technology, Digital Platform Integration, Eternal Wakefulness

The Digital Specialists codename Dr. Digital, is a phenomenal addition to any marketing team. This unique superhero has an awe-inspiring command of technology, able to quickly integrate with any digital platform. They evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape, ready to support your team with the latest digital knowledge whenever you need it. They’re not flustered by carving their name into a landscape where 500 million tweets are sent every day. They have the powers to stand out.

Dr. Digital displays an alarming level of wakefulness, responding to even the simplest queries at the most improbable hour. Their supercharged attitude makes them a perfect fit for the rough and tough landscape of social media, easily liking, sharing and creating the greatest content available.

A powerful digital specialist, key to any modern marketing victory, but prone to fleeting bouts of arrogance generated by top-performing social content.

Client benefits: With Dr. Digital working your case there’s no need to feel intimidated by the latest trending social media or innovative digital platform. They can deliver exceptional content built with best-practice understanding to steer your brand to digital victory.

The Copywriter

Codename – Captain Comma,

Unique Abilities – Encyclopaedic Knowledge, Creative Genius, Superhuman Superlatives

The Copywriter, codename Captain Comma,, combines encyclopaedic knowledge of grammar and punctuation with a (sometimes) unbalanced style of creative genius to create outstanding content with a semantic twist. Attention to detail provides a crucial background to this frustratingly pedantic superhero of marketing.

Their superhuman use of superlatives makes for the greatest possible talent that your most perfect marketing team could ever employ. Their skillset often extends to outstanding digital copy, high quality web pages, creative social media posts and even the technical wizardry of complex B2B articles. Captain Comma, will turn their hand to whatever content writing a marketing company in Malaysia needs.

While generally enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and willing to tackle any challenge, The Copywriter does often tend towards an almost painful reliance on puns.

Client benefits: There’s a power in words, and with Captain Comma, on your team, your brand can benefit from exquisite word power that lifts and elevates your message. They’re powered up to deliver everything from beautiful blogs to witty website copy that draws in your customer and converts them to real business results.

The Business Executive

Codename – Handshake Harry

Unique Abilities – Power of Negotiation, Communication Specialist, Strategic Deal Location

The Business Executive, codename Handshake Harry, is a superhero of negotiation that can identify and evaluate any deal with a detailed strategic oversight. Their complex tactical understanding of the business landscape makes them an essential part of a successful marketing superhero team.

Handshake Harry doesn’t simply stop at deal location however, they are an expert in both covert and active client engagement, providing a powerful communication specialist that ensures that client expectations are managed and met at every stage of the journey.

While an exceptional communicator and negotiator, Handshake Harry does have a little-known weakness for laughing at his own jokes.

Client benefits: You want streamlined communications that measure and manage your expectations at every stage of the journey? Handshake Harry ensures that collaboration is at the heart of what we do, because communication is the foundation to a successful client relationship.

The Manager

Codename – Big Boss

Unique Abilities – Tactical Organisation, Control of Time, X-ray Vision

The Manager, codename Big Boss, is the irreplaceable heart of your marketing superhero team. Their tactical organisation ensures that even the busiest workload is carefully managed and organised to maximise productivity while minimising distress. Despite a diary that’s more complicated than the inside of an iPhone, they somehow manage to make every meeting, and still dial in for conference calls by engaging their mythical control of time abilities.

The Manager’s x-ray vision can at times cause challenges for the rest of the team, as they somehow identify a rogue image or stray apostrophe in the latest marketing brochure while seemingly being out of view of the document.

While offering crucial support during the toughest challenges, as well as providing tactical oversight that keeps your team on target, The Manager’s terrifying catchphrase of ‘and another thing…’ sends a chill down even the most experienced superhero’s spine.

Client benefits: Excellence isn’t demanded, it’s inspired. With Big Boss you get a team empowered to use their initiative, but inspired to always deliver the best. Commitment to client success is at the heart of what this group of superheroes should deliver, and thanks to Big Boss man, this fantastic team don’t stop until they’ve achieved it.

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