Victoria Institute Old Boys Association (VIOBA)

VIOBA is the proud alumni association of prestigious Malaysian school the Victoria Institute (VI), founded to promote and offer on-going support for pupils of VI.



VIOBA were approaching a key milestone in the history of their association, and looking to utilise flagship multimedia content as part of a drive to improve engagement and fundraising at a key association event.


Content Nation scripted, commissioned and produced a set of highly emotive and targeted videos that worked to promote the cause of VIOBA. These videos were uniquely focused on the target demographic, creating a sense of nostalgia and pride that aimed to generate renewed commitment to the fundraising and support in aid of the Victoria Institute.


Content Nation’s videos helped generate significant interest in VIOBA’s flagship fundraising event, promoting improved participation and attendance, exceeding the pre-established fundraising target, as well as engendering on-going positive sentiment in support of the school.

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