Where to go in KL to Renew Your Creative Thinking

As Content marketers, creative thinking is at the heart of what we do. Designing, developing and delivering outstanding marketing ideas for our clients is one part inspiration, three parts hard work. But it’s all built on a foundation of creativity.

So the question is, when your creative batteries are running low, what do you do to recharge them? Whether you’re a marketer, manager, make-up artist… or just a creative spirit looking for some spark, here’s our guide to where to go in KL when you need to refresh your creative thinking.

Perdana Botanical Garden

There’s no better type of escape to inspire creativity than in the lush green surroundings of nature. That means Perdana Botanical Garden is a must-stop destination to unleash your creative spirit in KL.

This iconic centre-piece of KL’s green spaces boasts a huge range of environments in which you can relax and enjoy the joy of nature’s wonders, from the ever-popular Lake Gardens to the beautiful Hibiscus Garden or Orchid Garden. Meander your way along the paths, through changing landscapes and teased by the scent of exotic flowers and herbs. There’s a space to explore every creative need, from a tranquil retreat to popular views across the lake.

It’s not all natural inspiration to spur you on either. Perdana Botanical Garden is also home to the Malaysia Cartoon & Comic House, a fascinating gallery that showcases the progression of Malaysia’s comic design from the 1930s to present day.

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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

If you want some more cultured and curated creative inspiration, you’re unlikely to do better than the breath-taking delights of Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

This stunning location is an inspiration in itself, with the beautiful glass fronted building hiding a treasure trove of Islamic art beneath exquisite ceiling murals. The exhibits inside are a creative menagerie of delight, from architectural inspiration presented in models of the world’s most beautiful mosques to intricately created Islamic jewellery and ceramics. The collection of historical Qurans offer one of the most awe-inspiring sites within the museum, with the delicately and beautifully created tomes certain to steal your creative heart.

KL Forest Eco Park

If you want a natural escape tucked away closer to KLCC, then this might be the location for you. In the heart of the city, wedged like a vibrant green oasis between Bukit Bintang and Chinatown, is the miniature jungle haven of KL Forest Eco Park.

This sliver of jungle in the heart of the city comes with rooftop walkways and meandering hillside paths, providing a compact but welcome escape from the hustle and bustle both beneath and beside the treetops. It might be small, but if you need a short break to a natural getaway in order to get those creative juices flowing, you could do worse than spend your time here.

Bonus points: KL Forest Eco Park also sits within the shadow of Menara KL tower, with its awesome sweeping views taking in 360 degrees of KL city centre. So if you want a breathtaking urban panorama to inspire you too, it’s a quick hop to the top from KL Eco Park.

Publika Shopping Gallery

Publika Shopping Gallery offers a trendy creative retreat with more of a retail twist, with this beautiful shopping centre boasting boutique stalls and impressive art exhibits within its modern walls.

The building itself is a great source of inspiration, with glass exterior and metal framework providing a wonderful source of natural light to illuminate the space. Alongside the retail offerings that tend towards a more luxury and creative feel, Publika is also home to art galleries Galeri Chandan and Segaris Art Centre. That means you not only get to see a commercial side of creativity, but escape to the more artistic element of creative spirit in these fantastic boutique galleries.

Bukit Tabur

If you want to combine panoramic views with a more energetic slice of nature, take to the hills at Bukit Tabur.

This amazing quartz ridge reaches up from the edge of the Klang Valley, just a 30-minute drive from downtown KL. The ascent is a challenging hike that traverses the rocks and ridgeline, with the trail dropping and rising over various rocky outcrops. The journey is most certainly part of the adventure here however, and the reward on a clear day is outstanding views across the KL skyline on one side, and lush jungle and lakes around you. Inspiration through perspiration, with some stunning views to refresh your creativity.

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