Will SEO Content Marketing Help Your Business?

Yes. That was easy, right?

You probably thought we’d go with the long sell on that one. The simple answer is that yes, SEO Content Marketing will help your business.

Of course it’s a bit more complex than a simple three-letter confirmation makes it seem. So let’s explore an easy step-by-step discussion on the who, what, why and how proper understanding of SEO can help your content marketing in Malaysia.

What is SEO?

Let’s start it easy. Search Engine Optimisation is the best-practice strategy to grow your online visibility. That’s a process of improving the number, and quality, of the visitors to your website or online domains.

Why does SEO matter?

In simple terms, the better optimised your website is, the larger and more appropriate a digital audience you’re likely to gather.

Imagine you’re running a bricks and mortar clothing store. You want to be the shop with the huge front windows right at the entrance to the finest mall in the country, not the shabby neon-lit brick exterior of a forgotten alleyway.

SEO goes beyond simply the ‘where’ of your digital shopfront though, it also ensures you’re positioned in the place that most exposes you to the right kind of customer. There’s no point having your amazing clothing store in a mall renowned for its specialist pet shops. You want to be in the best location in town, where all the best customers shop. That’s what SEO can deliver.

The aim of SEO is to place you on the first page of search engine results, as the most prominent result, for the search terms that are most relevant to your business. Here are some stats to show you why that matters:

Search engine optimisation is essential for an effective online presence. But how does content marketing play into that?

What does SEO Content Marketing mean?

Content marketing is something we’ve explored in detail before. It’s about understanding your audience to ensure you’re building and engaging in conversations that they value. It’s about growing your brand presence by respecting and responding to the needs of your customers. Search Engine Optimisation is the perfect complement to that strategy.

At the core of proper SEO research is the tactic of revealing the keyword terms which customers are using to deliver themselves to your digital door. It’s a process by which you utilise online tools alongside your own understanding of your customer base to discover the search terms and keywords which are driving traffic to your business.

There are potentially thousands of SEO research tools out there. Digital agencies and individual businesses will almost certainly have their favourite. It would take us too long to explore them all in detail, but here’s a great summary of some of the best SEO tools out there.

In terms of our exploration of search engine optimisation in content marketing however, the vital point is that SEO reveals the search phrases that people are using to find your business, or businesses like yours. Your goal is to be the business they find.

How does SEO and SEO keywords link to your content marketing?

Let’s go back to our amazing clothes store. We’ll call it Amaze-a-Ballgowns, the hottest new thing in ball gowns in Malaysia. Our comically named example shop have been busy at their SEO research and discovered some interesting trends in online traffic for their store.

It turns out their customer base are looking for a range of relevant terms:

“Buy amazing ball gown Malaysia”

“Awesome ball gown shops in Malaysia”

“Stylish gowns for a ball”

“Amazing dresses for special event”

You see SEO research doesn’t always pick up the obvious answers, it helps you find the targeted terms which prospective customers are using that can really convert into business results. Where content marketing comes in is ensuring that your online presence is built to make the most of that searcher intent.

Once Amaze-a-Ballgowns has identified the terms it wants to target, it’s armed with a unique opportunity for its content marketing efforts. Understanding the questions your audience is asking means understanding the focus of the content you should deliver.

With the informed research at their disposal, Amaze-a-Ballgowns go on to create a series of blog posts that target the specific search terms revealed in their SEO research. The more people discover and click through to these blogs, the greater their online presence will be for these key terms. That digital visibility in turn builds into a greater audience, and thus a greater customer base. That’s an oversimplified explanation in some ways, but the foundation of why this matter is clear.

SEO is an on-going and organic process, it’s about offering answers to questions that your customers are asking. As your reputation grows for answering the right questions, your search engine positioning will continue to benefit.

Content marketing is a process of building conversations that your audience finds engaging. By combining this strategy with the unique tools of SEO, you’re essentially optimising your online presence, while at the same time developing the best possible content marketing for your brand.

So will SEO content marketing help your business? Yes. You just need to put the work in to make sure you do it right.

We do SEO, and we do content marketing. Want someone to steer you through the murky digital waters? Content Nation would be glad to help.

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